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Visual Mashup

Michel Leroy Image Mashup […]

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Michel Leroy at ADHESIVE NYC […]

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Refresh Community

Dave Pell writes a refereshing post about the cycle of craving online recognition and acceptance for creative work on the NPR blog. It reminds me of the last moments of David Fincher’s, The Social Network, where the Zuckerberg character is repeatedly “refreshing” the page to see if his EX will accept his friend request; thereby forgiving and accepting him.

Sad moments of clinging and craving web stats punctuate our lives as never before. Moments we all share. It won’t be long before psychologists are blaming Social Media Addiction for everything. Every new media conference I attend raises the ‘how much is too much’ issue, the arc between your blossoming online life and your physical life. It’s like love: there’s a spark, blinding passion, unexpected flare ups and the warmth of a steady burn.

For those who spend the entire day in front of a computer, checking in every ten minutes becomes the caffeinated twitch of a nervous mouse. How many updates is too many? Will your community loose interest in you if you don’t post for a few days? Do you really have over a thousand “friends” that you keep up with? Can you really follow 250 Twitter feeds?

Last night I was at another Adhesive event in Soho. ‘Sticking creatives together’ is their motto and I have to say how much fun they are, they actually believe in face-to-face conversations and build events around that simple truth. One magazine editor in particular that I was talking to commented how powerful 2 minutes of personal connection real is by comparison to the relative weakness of the hundreds of daily eMails, updates and tweets that dilute her day.

As for craving recognition and acceptance for creative work, it’s about your own faith, not retweets, “likes” or industry awards. Everybody in advertising and the creative arts has to “create” their best work, on demand every day. No small task to be sure, but faith in the pureness of your own talent when standing alone, judging your own creative work is the raw measure of recognition.

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Against Our Will

After years of walking along the streets of New York, past what must add up to miles of street art, I’ve never really seen anything that stopped me dead. As it happens, I saw this out of the corner of my shades as I navigated the doe-eyed freshman of NYU when it hit me – like a brick.

This piece of street art by Teofilo Olivieri, who paints on the cover of old library books is downright arresting. Not only does it comment on the place of books in our iCulture (which includes me), but this particular pioneering volume, by Susan Brownmiller; Against Our Will: Men, Women, and Rape takes on a loud second life. Conspicuously inscribed in hunter’s orange, the pig icon, forces something all together unwelcome on the cover of this book.

And there it was, gently resting against the tiled facade of HSBC on 6th Ave & 3rd Street. Magic.

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Behind the Scenes – On set antics

Behind the Scenes with Michel Leroy […]

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Behind the Scenes – Group Lighting

Strobe lighting is an art as much as composition, timing and building a personal connection with the people you photograph. There is a fine line between knowing how to light and owning the style. Strobe light is the most powerful […]

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RALLY BIKERS: spirit and legacy

Michel Leroy’s Rally Biker Portraits on display at Superfine, New York Photo Festival 2011 […]

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