Chris Duffy on Brian Duffy

July 7, 2011

Chris Duffy, the son of the photo legend, Brain Duffy, has produced an intimate and touching film, The Man Who Shot the Sixties, about the explosive and gifted photographer. Duffy’s flame burned hot and burned bright before he torched his archive in 1979 and left photography cold to become a leading restorer of Regency furniture. Contrast in vision and in life.

Duffy, a pillar of “The Black Trinity”, a phrase coined by British fashion photographer Norman Parkinson, defined the photographer-as-rock-star spirit of the 1960’s with edgy portraits of musicians, actors and models. Together with David Bailey and Terence Donovan, the trio of photographers were more famous then the celebrities they photographed and epitomized reputations of cantankerous charm and wonderfully opinionated gentleman photographers. The vision and passion of their images broke all the rules of composition and balance of the time. Stretching the edges of the frame and stripping away visual distractions, they created moments of stylized human insight and emotional connection that define a genre.

Michel Leroy
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