Corporate Counsel – Best Legal Departments 2013

May 1, 2013

The editorial team at Corporate Counsel Magazine, a specialty brand of The American Lawyer, needed a photographer comfortable with creating a flattering and balanced group shot of 5 or 6 litigators for the Cover Art of the annual Best Legal Departments of the Year issue plus an inside spread featuring the entire legal department. The creative team wanted the covers to be contemporary and approachable while remaining respectful to status of these top corporate litigators.

The mood board was built on existing magazine covers of group shots that would compliment each subject and connect the cover art, inside spread and individual portraits together.

Michel Leroy – Photographer
Joan Ferrell – Art Director
Maggie Soladay – Photo Editor
Paul Dilakian – Art Dept.
Sasha Harford – Makeup Artist
Torrence Forde – Makeup Stylist
Lucien Sims – Ace Digital Tech

Special thanks to the very accommodating litigators:
General Counsel Sandra Leung and her team at Bristol-Myers Squibb
General Counsel Jane Wasman and her team at Acorda Therapeutics, Inc.

Michel Leroy
Michel Leroy PHOTOGRAPHER is a professional visual content solution creator. Primarily engaged in the production of commercial photography and film services, generally for advertising agencies, publishers, business and industrial users.

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