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Meg Hitchcock – Mantras & Meditations

Browsing the galleries of DUMBO’s “First Thursday” walks and the Verge Art show, I was drawn into the beautifully unique work of Brooklyn artist, Meg Hitchcock and her Mantras & Meditations series. The level of concept and craft in her pieces eclipses the work of her peers hanging alongside.

It’s taken a few weeks to fully connect with the work but anything that lasts with a viewer for weeks has obviously had an impact. However, it wasn’t until yesterday that I frantically rushed to my iPhone and scrolled through the thousands of pictures to find her work. It was an “aha” moment that had been simmering in the back of my mind – these sacred texts are a revelation when taken out of the traditional “book” format. She has created something genuinely fresh from something we take for granted.

What is particularly striking about Meg’s pieces are their organic structure and her monumental dedication to the process. She obviously does nothing by halves. In the era of digital production, this work reminds the viewer of the physical connection to print, the page and the touch of the artist.

What may seem tangential if you’re not familiar with modern Data Visualization is the similarity between analytical data and the beautifully unique style of Meg Hitchcock’s sacred texts series. The connection between the words and the visual created, transcend both; a quality all too uncommon in contemporary art. Luckily, Meg’s work reconnects us to the power of the singular and gives us a point of entry in the content void of the digital age overload.

Meg’s work will be in a show opening April 30th at the ACA Galleries on West 20th St. in Manhattan.

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Visualization of global Internet Usage

After ten days on vacation hiking the moss forests of the Oaxacan highlands – off the grid – I returned to my office and about ten envelopes, however, there were hundreds of eMails, Facebook updates and Twitter feeds patiently waiting for my attention. Following the same thread, I bumped into an old friend at an Adhesive Event last night who I haven’t physically talked to in four years – despite following each other’s “updates” consistently during the same span of years.

The volume of physical connections to virtual connections has shifted in our lives and the framework for understanding the effects of technology on human interaction and culture sparked my interest. Visualization (mapping) of internet usage is unexpectedly beautiful. Think Wired Magazine meets Jackson Pollock (great interactive site). Some of the examples I found would easily surpass the art of Chelsea and Dumbo galleries.

Check out the Flare site, it’s one of the most interactive visual web experiences I’ve ever had. For an impressive voice on Cyborg Anthropology, check out Amber Case’s TED Talks Podcast. fas·ci·nat·ing!

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