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Adobe fights Apple with LOVE

Adobe loves Apple

Adobe loves Apple

An ad on the NTimes.com site sparked my interest this morning.  Two weeks ago when Steve Jobs at Apple wrote an unusual open letter blasting Adobe’s Flash product and listing a slew of reasons why his iTool family of hardware will never use Flash it stirred up a PR battle royal.  Adobe claiming that they are open source while Apple claiming they aren’t.  Who’s going to loose this one, customers for sure.  Luckily we all have ring side seats to the battle for the hearts, minds and apps that will decide if it is the hardware of the software that wins in the new mobile touch device world of web v3.0.

Lets feel the hits and share the love.

Letter from Steve Jobs at Apple.

Letter from Chuck Geschke & John Warnock at Adobe.


SF Chronicle

Seth Weintraub @ 9to5mac.com

Street Insider

Steve Tobak @ bnet.com

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Still Life (Conceptual) Photographer – Horacio Salinas

I am not interested in shooting new things – I am interested to see things new.Ernst Haas

So few artists do really interesting conceptual work with a freshness that stands apart.  Horacio Salinas, however is a photographer who sees new things in the commonness of our daily lives and objects.


Horacio Salinas


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