Uplifted by Loreal Prystaj

June 30, 2011

The feeling of vertigo is rare in the what-you-see-is-what-you-get photography world, until you see Loreal Prystaj‘s work. I met Loreal at an opening in Dumbo and instantly fell in love with her work. As if Moving in a different world, the work accelerates what you think you know to a place changed by movement, as though your next step toward the gallery wall may not land on solid ground.

A personality as bold as the work itself, Loreal has a gravity of her own. I contacted her about living in a different plane and sharing her Self portrait Nudes, Especially with the “being” series!

Reality is perception, and my perception of the world around me becomes reality through my photographs. I find myself seeing illusions in my head, that when I pick up a camera the world around me disappears, and I am able to create my thoughts and ideas into reality instantly, with one click of a button. Being the only one who knows exactly what is in my mind, I have become part of my own masterpieces; to fulfill my imagination.

It reminds me of the John Mayer song, Gravity, “…Oh gravity, stay the hell away from me”.

Keep an eye out as Loreal’s work finds it’s footing the photo art world.

Michel Leroy
Michel Leroy PHOTOGRAPHER is a professional visual content solution creator. Primarily engaged in the production of commercial photography and film services, generally for advertising agencies, publishers, business and industrial users.

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