Visualization of global Internet Usage

March 29, 2011

After ten days on vacation hiking the moss forests of the Oaxacan highlands – off the grid – I returned to my office and about ten envelopes, however, there were hundreds of eMails, Facebook updates and Twitter feeds patiently waiting for my attention. Following the same thread, I bumped into an old friend at an Adhesive Event last night who I haven’t physically talked to in four years – despite following each other’s “updates” consistently during the same span of years.

The volume of physical connections to virtual connections has shifted in our lives and the framework for understanding the effects of technology on human interaction and culture sparked my interest. Visualization (mapping) of internet usage is unexpectedly beautiful. Think Wired Magazine meets Jackson Pollock (great interactive site). Some of the examples I found would easily surpass the art of Chelsea and Dumbo galleries.

Check out the Flare site, it’s one of the most interactive visual web experiences I’ve ever had. For an impressive voice on Cyborg Anthropology, check out Amber Case’s TED Talks Podcast. fas·ci·nat·ing!

Michel Leroy
Michel Leroy PHOTOGRAPHER is a professional visual content solution creator. Primarily engaged in the production of commercial photography and film services, generally for advertising agencies, publishers, business and industrial users.

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