APA|NY’s 3rd Fine Art Salon

January 3, 2019

Super excited to be part of the 3rd APA New York – American Photographic Artists, Fine Art Salon on January 16, 2019. Click here for more information about APA|NY and this event.

APA New York is pleased to announce our 3rd Fine Art Salon to be held on January 16, 2019. The Salon is designed to be an informal evening of discussing, questioning, and refining the personal projects of four members. The Salon provides an opportunity to see new photography and deepen the understanding of your own work.

Each photographer will present a portfolio of prints from one of their current fine art projects. After a short introduction, the photographer will be open to questions about the work. The salon is a review and the group is asked to give praise when deserved, but also necessary respectful thoughts and criticism, helping each artist refine their work. The goal of the Salon is to learn from each other and grow as artists. We will spend the evening both as students and teachers.

The 3rd Fine Art Salon will highlight the work of Miko Fuji, Tatiana Ilina, Bruce Byers, and Michel Leroy.

APA New York - American Photographic Artists Salon 3

Alchemy by Michel Leroy PHOTOGRAPHER
Sports Advertising photo by Michel Leroy PHOTOGRAPHER

Michel Leroy
Michel Leroy is an award-winning photographer based in New York City. Working with a select team of professional creatives at 2X Productions LLC they create advertising campaigns and social media solutions for advertising, media and corporate clients. Repeatedly clients including The Food Network, Adidas, Nike, Intel, Lenovo, GE, Pfizer, Bayer and L'Oreal have trusted Michel Leroy to connect their brands to customers through photographs with insight and narrative. Michel Leroy is a brand ambassador for Manfrotto US, Lastolite by Manfrotto and the range of Vitec brands in the professional photographic community.

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