Behind the scenes with Michel Leroy from Social Media to Gallery Prints

August 9, 2017

Twenty-five thousand active followers will like and comment on a single image in the Body & Pole Instagram feed in the first day. To overcome the engagement drop and extend the lifespan of their media the BP marketing team is leveraging the hundreds of people who pass through the store daily by creating gallery quality images that can be presented on the walls as fine art. Generating more engagement through the influencers who frequent the store and re-post to their own social media channels with an authentic connection in the brand and the people behind it.

From concept to mass distribution can be a few hours in our media saturated, high resolution, smartphone lives. Trust me, I create image content that is conceptualized in the morning, shot within the hour, approved by lunch and online that very afternoon. So it was an incredible luxury to work on an advertising campaign with Body & Pole that had a solid concept, impeccable production and real vision. In short, we had a strategy and the support to create a multi-tier campaign that is successful across social media platforms for immediate release and endures as an image keystone of the brand.

Hanging gallery size prints on a wall is totally gratifying for any photographer but they need the grandeur and magnitude to make them the focal point of a room. Our choice of three, iconic group photos featuring all the athletes and instructors at Body and Pole is an unmistakable statement.

My preferred choice for large scale group photos is acrylic face mounted prints. Standing in front of a five foot print is powerful for sure but one with the richest color, greatest depth and absolute clarity is truly an experience that makes a connection. Acrylic face mount prints are widely used in museums and galleries because the quality is unparalleled by any other method.

Face mounting your prints creates a permanent, smooth fusion of the print and the acrylic glass (Plexiglass). When light hits the acrylic, the reflection on the print surface is completely different from when a print is exhibited behind traditional glass framing. As a result the colors feel brilliant, intense and direct which brings the prints to life. The face mounting process also seals the print from moisture and contaminants in the atmosphere and can increase the life of a print when printed on acid free media specifically designed for face mounting.

Working with the clients at Body & Pole we have crated a balance between social media savvy and gallery quality images that define the brand and extend the lifespan of the hard work and solid concepts that went into this campaign.

Having clients who believe in my vision and keep presenting me with fresh and challenging collaborations is what I live for. If you are in midtown Manhattan swing by their store and prepare to be amazed.

Special thanks to MG Imaging for the superb gallery prints and install.

For more large group portraits and advertising photography check out the latest work by Michel Leroy Photographer. All photos by Michel Leroy.

Michel Leroy
Michel Leroy is an award-winning photographer based in New York City. Working with a select team of professional creatives at 2X Productions LLC they create advertising campaigns and social media solutions for advertising, media and corporate clients. Repeatedly clients including The Food Network, Adidas, Nike, Intel, Lenovo, GE, Pfizer, Bayer and L'Oreal have trusted Michel Leroy to connect their brands to customers through photographs with insight and narrative. Michel Leroy is a brand ambassador for Manfrotto US, Lastolite by Manfrotto and the range of Vitec brands in the professional photographic community.

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